Discover the golden sands of the North

The endless sands marrying the calm ocean waves evoke a sense of tranquility and exclusive enclave to the yearning soul. A sense of peace greets you accompanied by a warm welcome that translates into the heart of service from our family. Golden Sands Destination Resort is situated in a picturesque property that gently unfolds as you walk inside our gates.

Golden Sands Destination Resorts is an up and coming destination thoughtfully curated to organically provide a variety of uplifting experience for the senses, regeneration of the soul, and a coming to the self. The property sits on 25 hectares of vast space where verdant hills meet an almost endless sprawl of golden powdery sands, a result of the dance between the sun and this northern paradise’s unique topography.

Quench your thirst from the scorching heat with masterfully crafted concoctions that will not only satiate your yearning for some drink but also, the primordial need of gratifying the ever hungry self. It is a respite from the pressure and chaos of the world, and a way to know your very self.


Paddle Boarding

This is a way of meditating and enjoying the seas on an attractive paddle board that is sturdy and stable enough to ride through the waves. Each paddle board is equipped with a water craft, a paddle, and a personal flotation device as well as pre activity briefing by our staff.


Our tandem kayaks stationed at our man-made lagoon is a good way to enjoy this 2 hectare amenity. With each paddle stroke, you are able to stretch those muscles as well as able to appreciate marine life that happily glides by.


Another way to exercise your muscles around the vast expanse of the property is through biking. As a way to promote free energy sports and a healthy lifestyle, our bikes help you get to your destination while pedaling at your own pace. As a twist, the loose sand will test your balance and stability while increasing your adrenaline.


Uplift your Senses, Regenerate your soul, and come home to your self. It is almost impossible to capture what one is confronted with thoughts and feelings that goes on when one sets foot in this place.


An exclusive restaurant that showcases eclectic gastronomic creations of culinary genius anticipating and satisfying the discriminating taste buds of food connoisseurs. Fidela’s has a capacity for 50-60 people. It is a perfect place for exclusive social gatherings. It also reminds you of the comforts of home while watching the golden sun set. Intimacy and exclusivity is an understatement. Fidela’s provided the discriminating gourmet an avenue to explore its fresh finds and flavors while enjoying the soft ocean breeze wafting all over; just enough to kick start that appetite.

The Lagoon

A two-hectare water feature and is perfect for simple but meaningful activities such as kayaking and aquatic life observation. The lagoon is of brackish water. It features access foot bridges to the wide beach. The lagoon also features a small promontory where intimate functions can take place such as small weddings, product launches, birthday celebrations, and just close-knit bonding of friends and colleagues.

The Hill Trail

A walking trail that courses through the length of the 1.75 km beach and up the hill just at the back of the villas. The trail allows for the possibility for deep self-contemplation and discovery, intimate walking conversations, or even small group adventure. Sitting stations are situated in certain points of the trail for rest and just bathing in the view of the horizon from different perspectives. Interactive installations that deepen awareness meet the hiker along the route.

Boogie’s Restaurant and Bar

Situated at the eastern end of the beach area, Boogie’s offers a fusion of local and international delectable dishes. Grilled seafood among a carefully assembled menu is guaranteed to not just satisfy cravings but also bring one to a feeling of a viaticum - of communion with food and place, the outer meets the inner. Boogie’s also offers a wide variety of beverages and drinks like fresh health juices, smoothies, shakes, alcoholic drinks and coffee-based products. Whether you are in the mood to just stare at the azure seas and the blue vault of the sky or socialize with others, play a card or board game, just listen to music or watch some TV, Boogies is that kind of place. Boogie’s is also good for banquets with a maximum capacity of 200 pax. Wedding Receptions, Parties, MICE are possible in Boogie’s.